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July 25, 2012
For many, summertime is not suited for enjoying large and high-quality Cuban cigars. Partly open air smoking that affects enjoyment (by affecting smooth burning), partly the seasonal unsuitability of traditional accompanying drinks (like cognac or whisky), and the above view seems to have some standing.

I have my reservations, of course, but I recognise the common sentiment. I will admit, however, that it`s a sin to light a "serious" cigar in windy conditions.  So now that we`re in August, I`d like to suggest three inexpensive Cuban cigars that will not get you thinking but will offer some enjoyment.  What`s more, you will not have a hard time finding them while on vacation. 

Besides, we shouldn`t forget that in recent years the quality of Cuban cigars has improved, even of those close to the base of the quality pyramid.  So, even the simplest of Habanos -the ones that are semi - hand-made and filled with tobacco shreds not entire leaves- still have the standard Cuban character making them stand apart from cigars from other countries, and in truly affordable prices indeed. 


Partagas Coronas Senior (tubos)      Rating: 6 / 10 
Length: 132mm 
Ring Gauge: 17.07mm (43) 

Part of the rather large family of relatively cheap Partagas, sized close to a standard corona. This is a usually well-rolled cigar, with a rather sumptuous character.  It is not particularly complex, but its flavours are pleasant and more or less standard, starting with woody and earthy notes reaching up to peppery ones. 

Jose Piedra Cremas      Rating: 5.5 / 10 
Length: 133mm 
Ring Gauge: 15.57mm (39) 

One of the cheapest Cuban brands with remarkable success in the Greek market. The Cremas is one to the brand`s top-sellers. It is well-constructed and has a simple aroma character, but with the standard spicy personality of a Habano topped with some earthy notes. 

Guantanamera Decimos    Rating: 5 / 10 
Length: 130mm 
Ring Gauge: 14.29mm (36) 

Guantanamera is the last brand introduced by the Cubans, and their great hope to dominate the inexpensive, everyday cigar market. The medium-sized Decimos are rather well-made with simple flavours of earth and herbs and a quite "rounded", pleasant smoke. 

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