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FnL International is a daily updated, internationally oriented, Greek-spirited website dedicated to good life, gastronomy and travel. It features dozens of columns providing information about and insights into the best of Greece: food, wine, travel destinations, restaurants, bars, people and projects. There is also a totally up-to-date section on the same topics regarding the international market.

Our difference from other similar sites out there is that The FnL International has a remarkable team of people in Greece and abroad, who not only create original content, but also assess every piece of information soberly and knowledgeably before they actually share their meaningful and reliable view. Restaurant and wine reviews are accompanied with ratings, and recipes are always tried and tested. Our people – all of them acclaimed and experienced professionals in their field– tour around Greece and the globe, only to share their experiences and enthusiasm with our readers.

Browsing The Food & Leisure Guide International, you will find everything you need in order to see what is worth seeing in Greece and get to know people with ideas who are behind the best products. We will introduce you to the traditions of our country from a modern perspective. We’ll take you to the places that have made Greece famous around the world but also to unknown parts of it. We will tip you on things you shouldn’t miss if you visit Greece and projects that we are proud of. Last but not least, we will acquaint you with the young generation of talented Greek chefs and bartenders through videos and interviews.

But The FnL International is not only about Greece. We will be eating out with you in the best restaurants of the world; we will be talking about cigars, wine, cocktails and spirits; we will be meeting passionate and radiant people; we will be traveling and having a good time.

We may be taking the step of The Food & Leisure Guide International this summer 2014, but it all started three years ago with The Food & Leisure Guide.

It is a Greek website about good life and gastronomy that was soon acknowledged as a preferred and reliable source of information about restaurants, bars, cocktails, wine, spirits and cigars in Greece and elsewhere. The heart and soul of FnL is its team of talented people. They have knowledge, passion, talent, audacity, and each of them is an expert in their area generating exclusively original content for our website.

Since 2013 we have been organizing FnL Events in Greece. Moreover, we recently created the FnL Cigar club and announced the launch of the FnL Wine circle. The common objective behind all this is to “liven up” our content for our readers and offer them unique experiences. We aspire that our events will shortly cross the borders of Greece.

Over time, new pieces will be added to the puzzle. We’ve got lots of ideas and the will to make them come true. We will be happy if you join us in this fascinating trip have just started.

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