Panos Deligiannis

Editor In Chief

Born in 1969, he wished to become nuclear scientist since junior high school. In the second year of his studies (Mathematics Department, University of Athens) he got over his whim for physics and got overwhelmed by the whim for wine, taste and good life! He set up with a friend the wine club "Emeis" ("We") in the best restaurant at the time, Bajazzo..

Two years later he undertook the largest wine club, Wine Academy Greece, and had a wonderful time meeting like-minded people, making friends and organising wine tasting events, seminars, dinner parties and excursions. In 1995 he joined the jury of the Golden Chef's Cap Awards, and in 1996 he started writing for the Athinorama and Eu Zin (Wellbeing) magazines on food, wine, restaurants and... cigars. In 2004 he became Editor in Chief at the Eu Zin magazine and in the summer 2007 its Director.

In 2011 he took the next step creating and managing the FnL.