Ioanna Andriopoulou

She was born in Athens and engaged in pubic relations, marketing, advertising and merchandising. In the past 20 years, beer and its culture have earned her and turned her into a traveller looking for it in the four corners of earth! In all these years, her study, research and training in large and small breweries abroad, as well as her beer tasting skills have distinguished her as one of the top beer connoisseurs and editors.

She is beer editor for the annual Beer Catalog, which  has been published for the past 17 years and is the only reliable and authoritative publication about beer in Greece.

Her knowledge extents from barley and hop cultivation, through the art and craft of brewing all the way to proper serving. She provides consulting to companies involved with beer and training to beer house staff and corporate officers. She has written articles about beer in the Greek magazines "GEFSI", «4TROCHOI», «ΗΟΜΜΕ», «BESTEVER», «IS YGEIAN» of Mythos Brewery, as well as for the Greek magazine "ENOCHOOS" with which she has been working to date.