Evi Fetsi

Associate Editor & Columnist: Blonde (con)fusion

She was born in Athens, quite some time ago. She graduated from a French school but never learned piano ; While studying Marketing and Public Relations in Deree College, she was also bartending at the famous -at the time- Wild Rose. She then went to London for the MA studies before she embarked on her professional adventures.

Starting from account manager in a large advertising agency she became marketing manager of a well-known tobacco industry; she strolled through fashion but didn't make a stop there. Then she engaged in translation only to move on and settle in journalism specialising in life style and Mykonos island. Meanwhile, she became mother to a currently 23-year old son whom she considers a "great creation", got married to her director and discovered the hidden allure of cupcakes.

She has been blogging since 2006,she wrote a book that is about to be published any time now, and her latest love is social media and especially Twitter, which she treats as creative writing exercises in only 140 characters.  She used to dream that when she grew up (a bit more), she would live between the English countryside -in winter- and Mykonos -in summer. Finally, she moved to London from and to she's been coming and going back and forward, due to recurrent home-sickness attacks. Along with working for The Food and Leisure Guide, she is preparing at full blast  a consulting agency for Greek producers, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs who want to expand in the UK.