Amalia Mey

Columnist: Pack your bags

My name is Amalia and I am seriously addicted to trips! As soon as I get on-board a plane to embark on the discovery of a new destination, my mood changes totally!  I become a different person!  Not to mention that I could easily spend my entire life in various hotels! I think that cases like mine are called hotel freaks. Even my job is about hotels. In the past 12 years I have been editorial director of all Imako Media special editions (Golden List Greek Hotels & Villas , Winter Hotels, Mykonos Life, Santorini Life, Rhodes Life) as well as numerous corporate publications, specifically hotel magazines (Astir Magazine, Divanity, Porto e Mare, LM Magazine etc.). I was also one of the key editors and contributors of the luxury travel portal  My professional track record goes further back to Klik magazine, Klik fm ,  Kiss Fm, Antenna radio and various  other media.

I've been lucky enough in my life to have travelled around half the world, and aspire to make it around the other half!

Through the FnL Pack your bags column, I aspire to share some of this experience of mine with you! Although the current adverse times do not allow for many luxurious travels, nobody can stop us from hoping and dreaming of distant, exotic, fairy places!