The Top 9 best gourmet restaurants in Athens

July 03, 2014
With or without awards and Michelin stars, the best gourmet restaurants in Athens are here to please your palate and help you get new culinary experience. French cuisine, modern techniques and contemporary Greek cuisine figure prominently in this category

Greece’s top restaurant with sophisticated and elegant French cuisine from highly talented French chef Michel del Burgo. Desserts characterized by incredible finesse and an amazing wine list. Awarded two Michelin stars. In Pagrati. 

Haute cuisine in its modern version, with molecular techniques, deconstructed dishes and an imaginative, playful approach. The chef owners are Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nick Roussos. Recipient of two Michelin stars. In Keramikos. 

When Greek cuisine meets modern techniques of the highest standard, the result can reach this level. In the Onassis Cultural Centre, and in summer at the Astir Palace beach resort in Vouliagmeni as Galazia Hytra. With Chef Nikos Karathanos at the helm, plus a simpler menu by Chrysanthos Karamolegos. Awarded one Michelin star.

  • Varoulko

The most emblematic seafood restaurant in Greece, with one Michelin star. It recently moved to picturesque Mikrolimano harbour and opens for lunch with a simpler, more accessible menu. The chef and owner is Lefteris Lazarou. 

Ettore Botrini is perhaps Greece’s top chef. His restaurant in Halandri, although Michelin-starred, is simpler than the emblematic Etrusco on Corfu. Modern cuisine with molecular techniques and Greek soul. 

A truly grand restaurant in the magnificent King George hotel in Syntagma Square. Chef Sotiris Evangelou offers high standard Greek cuisine incorporating French techniques.

In an enchanting setting around the pool of The Margi, in Vouliagmeni, young chef Panagiotis Giakalis proposes a delectable cuisine of quality.

  • Abovo

In Kifissia, on a veranda overlooking Kefalari Square from high above, Chef Michalis Nourloglou has put together an extremely interesting menu featuring Mediterranean flavours and remarkable technique.

  • Premiere
In the roof garden of the Athenaeum Intercontinental hotel, one of the best French restaurants in the city. 

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