Low Profile: a proper drinking haunt

February 18, 2015
Old school and low budget

Low Profile is not a new bar even though it’s only been in Stoa Bolani, in Athens city centre, for a short while.  On the contrary, it is a physical reminder that the younger generation of Athenians really don’t know much about the history of their city.  It’s very difficult to keep a bar going for 20 years, like Low Profile did in its old location on Likavitou street.  That’s exactly what makes it special though and it seems to have transferred this to its new location as it feels like it’s always been here.

Either way, I personally showed Low Profile the respect it deserves.  It was evident that the people around me, and there were a lot of them for a Sunday night, were of a different generation and much more aware of the bar’s significance as it felt like they were old regulars.

I’d love to delve further into this bar’s heritage but I think the place itself and its main characteristics speak volumes.  You come here to drink and talk. Or rather drink whiskey and talk. 

Low Profile is a whiskey bar with an actual low profile.  The main element, which has made it last as long as it has, is its charm.  The bar is naturally full of whiskey so you’re bound to find your favourite here, with Scotland taking centre stage.  A wonderful and rare bottle is the 1975 Glenrothes or even its vintage 1985 edition.  Your eye will naturally pick out the 100 proof Bowmore or even some of the Japanese labels like Hibiki, Yamazaki and Nikka.  The whiskey aficionado will find the Macallan 25 here amongst other fine Highland ambassadors, but there is also a variety Bourbon and Tennessee whisky options too. If you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail, you won’t be disappointed.  Whiskey sour, Manhattan, Dry Martini, Negroni or Kir Royal; the old favourites are all here.

Low Profile deserves the respect of the kings hanging on its shelves.  It’s a quiet spot with great music and happy punters.  It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is; a place to relax with a dram in hand.

Voulis 7, Stoa Bolani, Athens

Photography: Panos Smyrniotis
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