Abariza: A different downtown option

May 01, 2015
For those wanting a more chilled out spot in the city centre.

Abariza is not a new bar, if anything it’s one of the more established ones. It’s one of those low key places, hidden away in a cute corner on Lekka street, eschewing any intricate décor or heavy lighting.  The space is cute and in an arcade so there are outside tables, which are popular with people just enjoying a glass of wine or a beer.

The bar is well stocked but cocktails aren’t its strong suit.  The Campari, lemon juice and weiss beer concoction sounded interesting and refreshing and it would have been so if it had been served in a cold glass or with a fair amount of ice but it was actually served straight up so it lost its spark. The Honey Dive, made with gin, a cognac based mandarin liqueur, lime juice, honey syrup, cucumber and mint leaves was also served at the wrong temperature and was overly sweet; something which could have been easily avoided if it has been stirred with some ice a little longer. Generally speaking you should stick to basic recipes here, although the perfect gin & tonic category which includes interesting servings like hot chilli and dill, rosemary or grapefruit slices is a good bet. There are so many great cocktail bars in the general vicinity that it’s actually nice to have somewhere where you can just have a drink.  Abariza is exactly that place.

Lekka 14, Athens
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