H. Upmann, the ‘noble’ Habano

April 25, 2012
The release of the Magnum 50 initially (2005) as an Edición Limitada and its entry into regular production a few years later gave fresh impetus to this historic brand.

The launch of the strong Half Coronas (eagerly awaited in Greece) a few months ago has added even further momentum.

The history of this legendary brand is inextricably linked to its equally fabled factory on Amistad Street in Havana. It has stood there since 1944 and a few years ago was renovated to become perhaps the most modern fabrica in Cuba. This is where most leading Cuba cigars are produced, including most Ediciones Limitadas and many of the special editions regardless of brand!

The story of H. Upmann began in 1844 with the German brothers Hermann and August Hupmann. They enjoyed immediate success and in 1922 the company became the property of the British company J. Frankau & Co., which in 1937 sold it to Menéndez García & Co. that two years earlier had launched the hugely successful Montecristo! Since then the Montecristos were manufactured at the large fabrica of H. Upmann which was then located on Carlos III Avenue and had over 200 workers. 

The cigars of H. Upmann are amongst the most noble Habanos, elegant and refined, whilst responding better to aging. Indeed, it is interesting how these cigars that appear relatively mild in their youth, become fuller bodied after a few years of aging! I recently had the opportunity to try one of the celebrated Churchills, the Sir Winston from the year 2000! It was a truly sublime and complex cigar, combining the rich tobacco character with delicate, floral notes.

In recent years the imposing Magnum 50 has been one of my favourite Habanos, along with the exceptional Corona Gorda Magnum 46, but I am really looking forward to trying the small Half Coronas that I have heard so much about. They are considered by some to be the strongest short-sized Cuban cigars!

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