Ramon Allones, personal favorites

January 18, 2012
It may be one of the small Cuban brands, but it has prestige and a very ardent fan base, including myself. Moreover, the cigars are excellent value for money.

Ramon Allones first came out in 1845 and since 1927, when they were acquired by Partagas, have been produced at the Partagas factory. Indeed, it is the first brand that used colour lithography on its boxes.  It has always been a difficult brand to find, since it has always had small production, contributing less than 1% to Habano exports.  Let`s looknto their classic models.  We should note that their best batches receive a rating at least half a point higher!   


Ramon Allones Gigantes     Rating: 8.5 / 10 
Length:  194mm 
Ring Gauge:  19.45mm (49) 
This excellent Ramon Allones Double Corona is always rather hard to find, both in Greece and abroad. It is one of the top Habanos of its size, maybe event the best! Rich and sumptuous with a complex and spicy character highlighted by notes of chocolate, coffee and liquorice.    

Ramon Allones Specially Selected    Rating: 8 / 10 
Length:  124mm 
Ring Gauge:  19.84mm (50) 
This is the most inexpensive of classic Cuban Robustos, but also one of the best ! Well made, with a smooth and delightful draw and sumptuous character.  Its smoke is powerful with very intense and complex flavours of spices, cocoa beans and cedar, topped with honey notes.    

Ramon Allones Small Club Corona   Rating: 7 / 10 
Length:  110mm 
Ring Gauge:  16.67mm (42) 
This was my favourite small cigar until the Cubans "discovered" small Robustos. In recent years, however, the quality is a little inconsistent and occasionally cigars are a little tightly rolled. But on the plus side, this is a rather rich cigar with chocolate, coffee, pepper and liquorice flavours.

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