The recent Partagas line

March 20, 2013
A few years after the successful launch of the Partagas Serie P No2, the firm launched two more brand-new cigars. The Serie E No2 and the Serie D No 5 have just landed in the Greek market as well.

Partagas is one of the most historic and popular Cuban brands. It all started when Spaniard Don Jaime Partagas Ravelo came to Cuba in the early 19th century.  In 1845 he created the legendary Partagas factory. The brand very quickly created a legend around itself, since Don Jaime Partagas owned some of the finest tobacco plantations in Vuelta Abajo, and also experimented extensively on new tobacco maturing and ageing methods. He was also one of the first to establish the concept of the lector, namely a person who would read out loud books or newspapers to the factory rollers, a tradition that is still alive today.  In 1868 he was murdered (for a love rivalry, legend has it), and his son Jose took over the business.

The company changed hands twice, before it ended up to Cifuentes, Fernandez y Cia . Partagas kept growing and in 1954 acquired Bolivar and La Gloria Cubana. When the revolution broke out in 1959, it was already the second largest exporter behind H.Upmann. The Cifuentes family finally abandoned Havana in 1961, but Partagas, to date, is still  one of the strongest brands in Cuban cigars, and its factory (under refurbishment) is the absolute must-see in Havana for cigar enthusiasts!

In recent years, the famous Robusto, the Serie D No 4, with the characteristic red ring band, has been the most popular Partagas. It was based on a 1930`s line with the code names A, B, C, D and numbers 1 through 4, that was then released for the English market and was discontinued in the mid 60`s.  D No 4 was re-launched in 1975, but became widely known in the 90`s. Many Edicion Limitadas named D No 1, No 3, No 5, were founded on this success. The last one was a small robusto that was released as an Edicion Limitada 2008. This is the first new Partagas launched today in regular production.  The second is once again based on the characteristic red ring band and the same designation type; the Partagas Serie E No 2.  It is a large Robusto, a sumptuous cigar, 140mm long with a ring gauge of 54.   


Partagas Serie E No 2     Rating: 8.5 / 10 
Length: 140mm 
Ring Gauge: 54 (21.43mm) 

A sumptuous cigar, perfectly rolled, with a particularly smooth and flawless draw. Rich and complex, it has an intensely earthy and woody character but also some flowery notes in the beginning; flavours of cedar, coffee and pepper prevail in the round, almost creamy smoke.  A cigar that`s delightful now, but also suitable for ageing.    

Partagas Serie D No 5      Rating: 8 / 10 
Length:  110mm 
Ring Gauge:  50 (19.84mm) 

One of the top little Habanos that condenses the earthy and peppery character of a D No 4 in just 110mm and half an hour`s delightful smoking.  Velvety smoke with flavours of cedar, black pepper topped with earthy notes. 

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