Ramon Allones Macedonia, a Greek particularity

February 01, 2012
The Regional Exclusivos is a rather recent, collector`s line of Cuban cigars. In early 2012 Ramon Allones released a special cigar, exclusively for Greece and Cyprus, the Macedonia!

In the past five years, the Cubans have marketed yet another collector`s line, the Regional Exclusivos. These are cigars from their best known brands, in original vitolas, released exclusively in some countries.  2009 saw the first such launch for Greece and Cyprus, with the Bolivar Greco. This year, it is our turn for one more. 

This time it`s a Ramon Allones, with dimensions similar to the Montecristo Edmundo, namely 135mm long with a ring gauge of 52 (20.64mm). It is named Macedonia and came out in just 1000 boxes of 25 cigars, marketed exclusively in Greece and Cyprus.  The cost is €17 each, which is the same as a Bolivar Greco that you can still find in good shops.  Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of the Regional Exclusivos. In these past five years, I have tasted many and I am not yet convinced that there is something special about them.  Granted, they are obviously rare, but objectively, they are not better than regular production Habanos, and quite often are below par.  But this never happened with the respective Greek ones. The importer, George Ferreos (Phoenicia Ferreos) is a great cigar enthusiast and managed to secure two excellent Regional Exclusivos for Greece and Cyprus!

About the Ramon Allones Macedonia, suffice it to say that it is an exquisite cigar! Sumptuous and spicy, with excellent construction, it is a marvellous cigar and after a few months (it is still quite fresh) it will be one of the top cigars of an, either way, superior brand. Smoking fills the mouth with a potent smoke laden with flavours of pepper, leather and soil.  Don`t miss out on an opportunity to try it and buy some to age. 

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