Juan Lopez, the ideal choice for your first steps

December 04, 2013
One of the least famous, but historic Havana brands. These are relatively mild and fine cigars, ideal for novice smokers, but also perfect with your morning espresso.

Juan Lopez cigars first came out in 1876. After the 1959 revolution, production continued at the same Havana factory, but their popularity was declining.  In 1990 the brand launched two new models the Selecion No1 & No2, a Corona Gorda and a Robusto, and they are the most popular Juan Lopez cigars to date.  The brand is still a small brand, since its share in exports is consistently below 1%, but the cigars are worth trying.  Especially the Seleccion No 2, the Robusto, since the "for novice smokers" tag may be doing it an injustice.    


Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2      Rating: 7.5 / 10 
Length:  124mm 
Ring Gauge:  50 (19.84mm) 

I must confess that even I had misconceptions. As trends and my personal taste favour headier and more sumptuous cigars, Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2 were never among my favourite Habanos. But having, recently, smoked several, I was impressed by their consistency and the harmony of their smoke.  They are well-rolled with very smooth draw and feature a pleasant, almost creamy character with flavours of wood, cedar and milk chocolate against a slightly earthy background. Indeed, their roundness and elegance make them ideal for those who do not favour heavy cigars or for those taking their first steps in the Cuban cigar world.  It should be noted that compared to the Montecristo Open, that have a similar target group, these are much better value for money!

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