Romeo y Julieta Cazadores, for experienced smokers

December 17, 2013
Not particularly known, rather out of "fashion", and their size in no way prepares you for what`s about to follow. But they are some of the most interesting Cuban cigars.

Romeo y Julieta is one of the most interesting Cuban brands, with an extensive range of cigars including some machine-made or short filler. Famous of course for its Churhill launched in 1947, in recent years it has been leveraging the name Churchill to complete its range. So it launched the Short Churchill, the Wide Churchill and this year, as we have already revealed, the Petit Churchill! 
The Cazadores are tall and thin cigars, with a 44 ring gauge and 162mm long, quite a distance from the modern body type of Habanos that dictates a large ring gauge. Moreover, they are sold in an old-fashioned box. But once you open the box, you will realise that something special is going on.  Their aroma is pungent, spicy, with a rich earthy feel.
The Cazadores are undoubtedly the headiest Romeo y Julietas and among the headiest Habanos one can smoke today. When young, they can be almost flat and biting, but they are suitable for long ageing.  When lighting, the smoke is aggressive, pungent, not very rich nor velvety, but laden with flavours of leather, black pepper, soil topped with meaty notes (Rating: 8.5 / 10). Expert smokers will definitely enjoy it, but this is not a cigar for everyone. Finally, I think that with a price tag of just under €10, they are amongst the best value for money Habanos.
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