Bolivar, the tasting

September 07, 2011
Tasting some of the most characteristic Bolivars, a top Cuban brand that has recently sprung back to life.

Bolivar Petit Belicoso Edicion Limitada 2009    Rating: 9 / 10 
Length: 125mm 
Ring Gauge: 20.64mm (52) 

Not easy to find any longer, but if you do, don`t hesitate to try it. The first Bolivar Edicion Limitada is a wonderful cigar. Black pepper, bitter chocolate and leather fill the mount right from the start.  Impeccable draw, potent and complex smoke.  Maybe the most powerful and sumptuous cigar-shot!    

Bolivar Gold Medal      Rating: 8 / 10 
Length: 165mm 
Ring Gauge:  16.67mm (42) 

An Elegant and impeccably rolled cigar with excellent value for money. Bolivar enthusiasts will especially appreciate them since Gold Medals, that were re-launched a few years back, are the most classic of all Bolivars. It`s like all the comments we are reading about the brand in older Cuban cigar books, have been written for them.  The first word that comes to mind about their character is "stern". Their smoke is powerful and stern, not thick and rich like other sumptuous Habanos.  Their character is somewhat ...linear not very complex, but laden with charming flavours of pepper, leather and cedar.  They are not easy to find.    

Bolivar Royal Corona      Rating: 8 / 10 
Length: 124mm 
Ring Gauge: 19.84mm (50) 

Well-rolled, with a light cinnamon coloured wrapper and very smooth draw. Powerful and rather rich.  The spicy smoke with aromatic notes of leather against a background of dried fruit is very characteristic. Albeit sumptuous, they are not amongst the powerful Bolivars, but they are very popular and characteristic.    

Bolivar Greco     Rating: 7.5 / 10 
Length: 160mm 
Ring Gauge: 19.84mm (50) 

The first regional selections for Greece and Cyprus were launched last year and were robustos extra by Bolivar. The regional selections line the Cubans introduced is not one of their finest, but Grecos are very worthwhile cigars, although they do not rank up there with the brand`s top cigars.  Powerful and spice, they are not particularly complex but feature the brand`s tell-tale peppery character and good construction. 

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