Bolivar, strong like a revolution.

November 26, 2013
Their main characteristics being potent tobacco and heavy taste, Bolivars are amongst the most enjoyable Habanos.

They were first presented in Havana in 1901 and were named in honour of revolutionary Simon Bolivar who liberated many countries in Latin America from Spanish rule.  Right from the onset, Bolivar played the "strong cigars for connoisseurs" card and became very popular, reaching their peak in the 1950s when the brand was acquired by the Cifuentes family which already owned around twenty other brands, including some bright stars like Partagas and Ramon Allones.  A few years ago, they too met with some trouble, but suffered even more from the uniformity that many Cuban cigars demonstrated.  But recently, Habanos are not only spectacularly improved, they have also regained much of their uniqueness and thus Bolivars are again described as the most potent and heavy of Cuban cigars. 

For many years, everything was quiet at Bolivar, since the brand had nothing new to show and was constantly ignored at the Edicion Limitada lines.  In 2008, they re-launched the legendary Gold Medal.  But 2009 was a milestone year for the brand, the year of the first Bolivar Edicion Limitada, the marvellous Petit Belicoso, while the first -and only so far- regional selection for the Greek and Cypriot markets, a large Robusto named El Greco, was a Bolivar! Special editions apart, let`s not forget, however, the classic Royal Coronas, Belicosos Finos, Gigantes and Gold Medal.  Next week I will present to you the finest Bolivars; today, I will start with what in my opinion is the brand`s most iconic cigar, the Belicoso Fino.    


Bolivar Belicosos Finos      Rating: 8.5 / 10 
Length: 139.7mm 
Ring Gauge: 20.64mm (52) 

Glossy wrapper, excellent construction and ideal draw allowing for the perfect expression of rich aromas. Its strong smoke fills the mouth with flavours of pepper, leather and cocoa.  For experienced smokers only. 

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