Yellow, the art of simplicity

June 26, 2013
Kostas Vakirztis (of Plous Podilatou, Moorings and Kitrino Podilato fame) has moved up to the northern suburbs, proposing a very smart – as usual – all-day restaurant with straightforward but tasty and carefully executed cuisine.
  • Yellow, η γοητεία της απλότητας Album | The Food & Leisure Guide
  • Yellow, η γοητεία της απλότητας Album | The Food & Leisure Guide
  • Yellow, η γοητεία της απλότητας Album | The Food & Leisure Guide
  • Yellow, η γοητεία της απλότητας Album | The Food & Leisure Guide
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The former Tike in Kifissia has become unrecognisable and extremely attractive. One thing’s for sure, Kostas Vakirtzis knows how to set up alluring dining venues. The decor carries the signature of Toom Tran, but the owner’s touch is also evident in the various small decorative objects, the eclectic and beautiful fabrics, the posters, the atmosphere and of course the nod to Kitrino Podilato (‘Yellow Bicycle’). Hence the name, but also the reason for the handlebars and wheels hanging here and there. Yellow has all the comfort of a private home, with plenty of corners and different pieces of furniture that combine harmoniously to create an inviting, easygoing ambience. Take a look at the photos to get a better idea.

The kitchen is run by Vasilis Alvanidis (from Plous Podilatou) who offers very straightforward cuisine that may not have – at least for now – a specific identity, but it is definitely comfort-oriented, with carefully selected ingredients and meticulous execution. Whatever we tried was as it should be and delicious. Perhaps not awesome, but certainly tasty, well prepared with just the right ‘everyday’ touch at reasonable prices. In this respect, the chef and his cuisine have succeeded. In the future, however, I would hope for certain dishes that are a little more complex or feature elements which impart a stronger identity and character. I believe this would help lift the rating, which at present is between 6 and 6.5. For example the burger is juicy, tasty, with a lovely meaty patty and a good bun. But a homemade, spicy mayo or some special sauce would enhance the dish. On the other hand, the pizza was thin, light, delicious, and even the pork steak (with pancetta) was excellent. Cooked to perfection, beautifully marinated, with very good French fries, it was a stand-out for me. I also tried a wonderful salad with quality tomatoes, fine cheese, rusk bread and very pleasant vinaigrette, the succulent and flavoursome grilled burger patties, as well as the baked potatoes in a well balanced mustard and honey sauce.

Yellow’s pluses include the very tasty homemade breads, which lead me to assume that breakfast too would be great, since the croissants, tarts and sandwiches they serve in the morning will probably be equally good. The desserts are fine, though I think a little more work is needed, whilst the wine list is fairly conventional and perhaps a little overpriced.

Concluding, I should say that the service is already good, appropriately friendly and attentive. But the most important thing is that Yellow has all the ingredients that can make it a long-standing hangout. In any case, it has already begun strongly, so be sure to book in advance.  

  • Yellow
  • Phone: (+30210) 4137910
  • Address: 27 Kritis & Harilaou Trikoupi Str., Kifissia, Athens,
  • Website: -
  • Open: Daily, noon-evening
  • Price per person (€)*: €30-40
  • * we do our best to reflect the actual price range per-person of a full meal including first and main courses, desert, water and half a bottle of wine or one beer depending on the type of restaurant.
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