The Edicion Limitada line

December 07, 2011
There is no other line of Cuban cigars that better expresses the Cubans` turn to quality and more sumptuous cigars, than the Edicion Limitada.

Edicion Limitadas have been the best ambassador of the quality upgrade of Cuban cigars which timidly started in 2001. It is a line of unique cigars -different each year- in original sizes released in relatively limited quantities, thus uniquely combining the accessibility of "regular" production, with the charm of a collector`s item, as these are excellent quality, one-off cigars with prices that are not excessively higher than standard production cigars.  The idea to create these cigars was born in 2000 when the Cubans were trying to figure out a way to make the best use of their wrapper stock from the 1997/1998 harvest. These tobacco leaves had the colorado maduro colour, that is the traditional colour of Cuban maduros several decades ago. They come from the top leaves of the tobacco plant and are thick enough to withstand the extended fermentation and ageing process.  The first line came out in 2001. Since then, three cigars are released each year (in the first years, sometimes even more than three were released) from the most popular Cuban brands, and launched in February during the Habanos festival, but marketed around October.  The Edicion Limitada line cigars are usually headier and more spicy than classic Habanos, and have a more roasted side to their flavour profile. Observing the sizes of this line, one can also see the prevailing trends in the cigar world, since this is where new sizes are put to the test. For instance, this was the testing ground for the various large Robusto variations, and for the small but sumptuous cigars targeting experienced smokers with little available smoking time, especially as a result of the smoking ban throughout the world.  We`ve already discussed this year`s line in previous articles. The flagship, the exquisite Cohiba 1966, is still in waiting, and from what I hear, the price will be very high at approx. €60 each! But I wanted to share with you a personal list with the top cigars in this line throughout the years.

If you ever find any of the following cigars, I highly recommend trying them out; they are exquisite cigars, now extremely rare, that can offer immense pleasure thanks to their unique character and extra ageing they have now undergone.  The order is chronological and not quality-related: 

  • Cohiba Double Coronas, Edicion Limitada 2003
  • Partagas Serie D No 1, Edicion Limitada 2004
  • Cohiba Sublimes, Edicion Limitada 2004
  • H. Upmann Magnum 50, Edicion Limitada 2005
  • Montecristo Sublimes, Edicion Limitada 2008
  • Bolivar Petit Belicosos, Edicion Limitada 2009
  • Montecristo Grand Edmundo, Edicion Limitada 2010
  • Cohiba 1966, Edicion Limitada 2011
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