Women and Cigars.

November 12, 2013
One of life`s joys is considered a man`s thing. Isn`t it a shame? Nevertheless, the image of a woman smoking a cigar is not necessarily that unlikely or provocative. Panetellas, Petit Coronas and other puritos are usually their preference.

It still surprises me to hear men or women dropping remarks about a woman smoking a cigar.  I am even more surprised when I hear women who are cigar lovers, telling me that they are too ashamed to smoke in public.  On the other hand, people often ask me about "women`s cigars". In my opinion, there is no such thing; cigars are unisex.  When talking about women`s cigars, some may refer to lighter cigars, others to smaller and thinner ones.  This last point may actually hold some water, given he prevailing prejudices. 

I must say, of course, that it is a sin for a woman not to be able to enjoy a fine Robusto or a pyramid, just because the size does not become the fairer sex.  I will insist that it is not the size of cigar that one smokes, but how they smoke it that matters.  Even the most delicate and petite woman can smoke a double corona with such flair and grace that nothing will appear as provocative.  Should, however, you find yourself hesitating to light a cigar among those usually presented in this section, there are alternatives.  And the truth is that, in reality, "women`s" cigars are the most elegant cigars one can smoke and occasionally offer ample enjoyment despite their smaller ring gauge which does not allow for particularly complex blends.

I have to admit, however, that some of my favourite cigars (although I do not smoke them often enough) can be found in this category, like the spicy and elegant Hoyo du Gourmet  or the classic Montecristo Especial  and Trinidad Fundadores. To be sure, cigars like the latter may not be considered so much as "women`s" due to their length, they are, however, so elegant that I think are worth your attention.  Anyway, I will insist. Women`s cigars simply do not exist. Women smokers let go of prejudices and enjoy the cigars you really like!

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