A feast for the senses!

August 28, 2013
Personally, I think I will struggle to find what gives me greater pleasure than a good cigar with a glass of a fine drink, whether it`s a rare distillate or an extra dry martini.

Even today, thousands of cigars after my very first one (a sensational Cuban Davidoff Dom Perignon, in 1987), I am still extremely impatient when I come across an exquisite cigar. Just like the other day when I came across an amazing box of Motecristo No 2. It`s been very long since I last saw such a dark-coloured Montecristo and its wrapper is so oily and glossy that oils my fingers when I hold it.  The perfect cigar. 

So what if the -always good- Montecristo No 2 is never included in my lists of personally favourite cigars? Or if I usually go for an Edmundo or for a Partagas Serie P No 2 if I feel like smoking a pyramid? That`s the beauty of cigars, or one of them anyhow. You never know what to expect. Each cigar, or each box, at any rate, has its own little differences.  And this could very well be a problem when you come across something less good than what you have in mind, but just looking at a box of these Montecristos is so magical that you forget about any frustration.  I don`t think there is any other product that embodies more ideally the charm of a hand-made product.

Enjoyment of a cigar literally involves all the senses. Vision, because that`s where everything starts. The cigar itself and its numerous accessories are a true feast for the eyes.  Touch, because nothing compares to this silky, oily feel of a top-quality wrapper and because your sense of touch will help you understand whether what you are about to smoke will have satisfactory draw and will thus develop the entire range of aromas and flavours that you will,of course, also feel with your smell. And then comes taste, because that`s what it all comes down to. In the mouth.  But a cigar does not only satisfy the senses.  It relaxes you. It offers moments of pleasure in the day. Even if you don`t devote yourself entirely to it when you smoke, it has its way to get your attention. 

For me personally, a cigar helps me add value to every moment, brings me happy thoughts and mentally takes me to my cigar smoking paradises: a fine restaurant, an "old fashioned" luxurious bar-club with heavy leather armchairs, a nice car down a beautiful route, and, of course, Havana itself.  I may have been a bit too theoretical this time, but the enjoyment of a cigar is so much more that cigar lists, ratings, and descriptions of flavours... let`s not forget that. 

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