Edicion Limitada: Success story

October 19, 2011
The Edicion Limitada line that the Cubans launched in 2001, proves to be one of their most successful moves. Each year, three of the most famous brands are selected, and each makes one cigar of original size. The 2011 cigars are expected in the Greek market a just few weeks.

Edicion Limitadas come out in relatively limited quantities, thus uniquely combining the accessibility of "regular" production, with the charm of a collector`s item, as these are excellent quality, one-off cigars with prices that are not higher than standard production cigars by more than 20%.  These cigars have a dark-coloured wrapper that has had extra ageing, and give out a sumptuous, spicy and roasted character. 

The idea to create these cigars was born in 2000 when the Cubans were trying to figure out a way to make the best use of their wrapper stock from the 1997/1998 harvest.  These tobacco leaves had the colorado maduro colour, that is the traditional colour of Cuban maduros several decades ago.  They come from the top leaves of the tobacco plant and are thick enough to withstand the extended fermentation and ageing process.   The first line came out in 2001. 

Each year, the new line is presented in late February during the Habanos festival, and cigars are marketed a few months later.  The 2011 Edicion Limitadas are expected early in the Fall.  This year, the line will consist of:

  • The Cohiba 1966, an imposing Canonazo Especial (imagine a longer Siglo VI) measuring 166mm in length and with a ring gauge of 52, also celebrating the brand`s 45th anniversary.
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Short Piramide, a small pyramid cigar, 135mm long with a ring gauge of just 43. And for the first time one of my favourite brands,
  • Ramon Allones, joins the Edicion Limitada line with the Allones Extra, a slightly thicker corona, 143mm long with a ring gauge of 44.
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