Mavri Thalassa (Black Sea): classic fish cuisine at its best!

February 26, 2016
This emblematic fish restaurant is probably the best in the whole country. Its secrets are nothing short of amazing ingredients and refined cooking.
Wine List:
3.5 / 5.0
4.0 / 5.0
3.5 / 5.0
Casual & Chic

If you’re ever in the market for impeccably executed fish taverna cooking, look  no further than Mavri Thalassa! You won’t find Varoulko’s refined creativity, the multilayered brilliance of Travolta or even Milos Restaurant’s ability to offer the finest ingredients around but what you will get is an all around winner in every category. 

The opening dish was truly mesmerising.  It might not deserve the title ‘carpaccio’ (the fish is well filleted but not in a carpaccio style) but it was poetry in motion as far as freshness and flavour were concerned. The crab salad was impeccable and full of aroma and the steamed shellfish were just perfect. The taramosalata was rich and refined with a lovely velvety texture; the best I’ve ever tasted! The hits kept coming with the grilled calamari and super fresh prawns that were wonderfully cooked, leaving their skin crunchy and the meat juicy. From the selection of mains, I chose a perfectly cooked, extremely fresh sea bream and the prawn pasta which was at its classic best, even though that means that the tomato sauce overpowers the shellfish a little. 

There is also a great wine list with a very interesting array of whites and a complete collection of the best Santorini labels, a fact that proves a deep understanding of their craft. Their high standards are also evident in the impeccable, old school service. 

Mavri Thalassa, in this relatively new location, is a luxurious, welcoming restaurant with a sea view and a strong team in the kitchen.  It’s expensive, as you would expect for this kind of establishment, but the wine list is well priced which allows their customers to enjoy some top-notch labels. 

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