Philos Athens: the new familiar

A different concept combining coffee, food and shopping

Kalamata: rebirth of a city

The Messinian capital, Kalamata, the second biggest city in the Peloponnese after Patras, is making a strong comeback and claiming what’s hers.

Kolonaki: The Hot List

Our search for the best spots in town continues. This time we’re focusing on the downtown Kolonaki neighborhood.

Lysander Migliaressis The diplomacy of hospitality

A former ambassador now engaged in quality tourism and high standard services, Lysander Migliaressis speaks to us about his life and Filalexia.

CTC, a new challenge for Alexandros Tsiotinis

The much anticipated new restaurant by Alexandros Tsiotinis has already set the bar high. This a must for gourmet fans out there.

Tailor Made (Update): Rejuvenated, with a spring in its step and as popular as ever

A well-established bar with a summery feel and a subversive spin on traditional recipes.

Bao Soho: Taiwanese street food in London

It really is a big challenge to try and raise street food to something a bit more special than a hot dog or pita with gyros. Bubbledogs in London and ...

Burgundy part 3: Puligny & Corton, Chardonnay in focus

Yiorgos Floudas continues his journey through Burgundy with a stop at the temples to Chardonnay: the villages of Puligny and Corton.

Healthy buckwheat granola

Granola is the kind of thing that you can eat straight of the jar by the handful.

Metaxa: The ritual of success

The 127-year old world famous Greek brand plans for the future

Blond (con)fusion S01E17

I weighed myself at the beginning of the month and I had a bit of a shock. I decided to get serious about it, so I’ve been starving myself since last...

How to Eat Like a Greek in 3 Steps

We know that the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest diet in the world.

Homemade filo pastry

Pies (pites) are one of my favourite comfort foods so when I learnt how to make my own filo during my visit to Zagorochoria last year, a whole new wor...

Proika, aged cheese

Proika’s creamery delivers with a hard, aged cheese that is decidedly old-school, full of fragrance and flavor.